Choosing what to wear to your engagement session is a big deal! What you wear can greatly impact the feel of your photos and how you feel while taking them. Your outfit can also shift the vibe of your photos from grungy to fun and light or from casual to formal. Oftentimes, these are reasons so many of my couples get stumped when choosing what to wear to their session. And, I get it, it’s overwhelming (and a huge reason I include a detailed style guide for all my clients!)

That’s why I thought today I’d stop in and share some of my biggest tips from that guide for choosing the perfect outfit(s) for your session. So, keep on scrolling for all my favorite tips when it comes to styling your engagement session and to see some inspiration from my favorite engagement looks to date:

Location, Location, Location!

Be sure to take into account the location and season of your session! This is important not only for comfort with the weather, but also in choosing the colors you wear. For example, if you’re going to the beach for your engagement session, those super cute skinny heels sitting in your closet may not be the best choice. And for colors, neutrals and whites go really well with a beach setting.

If you’re heading to an open grassy field at sunset during fall, soft neutrals and browns will go great. For a springtime session- go with pastels. Keep in mind the background, too! If you’re going somewhere with a super busy background, less is more- so skip the busy patterns,

Plan For Two Outfits

Bringing two outfits gives you the chance to have one that’s dressy and one that’s more casual. This way you’ll have more variety in your photos (and get the best of both worlds!) This also gives you the opportunity to dress up super fancy and then tone it down with a more comfortable look. But I’m also always down for two dressy looks if you really wanna do it up! You really can’t go wrong. Either way, if you’re planning on going to two different locations for your engagement session you can wear one outfit at each. This way each location and outfit will look like a completely different photoshoot!

Coordinate With Each Other

This is one of my biggest tips: Coordinate- don’t match! Sometimes, when couples get stumped or overwhelmed, they opt for the jeans and white top look. When in reality for a high end and cohesive feel to your photos, it’s best to avoid matching outfits. Coordinating your outfits will make them look cohesive without looking too similar. Choosing a color scheme to go off of will help you get that cohesive look with your outfits. I recommend choosing 1-2 base colors and incorporating

Choose a Dress!

If you know me, you know I LOVE a good flowy dress. If you’re stuck deciding on what to wear, pick a dress! They are flattering on all body types and they always look so stunning. Dresses give photos that extra movement and flow and make your photos look that much better! Plus, they’re great for a twirl and it’s not every day you get to wear a fancy dress and capture beautiful memories with your soon to be spouse.

Ask Your Photographer

If you still can’t decide what to wear or you’re overwhelmed by all the options, no worries, just ask your photographer! Each photographer has a different style and knows what colors and styles work well with their editing and locations. Shoot them a text with some pictures of what you’re thinking and they’ll help you pick the best option!

Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite outfit inspiration!

I hope this gave you some helpful advice on what to wear to your engagement session. If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your engagement photos click here and let’s get connected! You can check out more engagement session inspiration here, too!


“After almost 2 years of being engaged, we finally took our engagement pictures, and after just the sneak peak, we are obsessed! We are even more excited for Sydney to capture our wedding day. She totally outdid herself!”

– Savannah and Alex

What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

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