Katie and Athan’s Shelden Trails Engagement session is probably one of my favorites to date! That dress Katie wore on the beach and the fall colors (finally) in the background just sealed the deal. It also helped that these two were so sweet to work with and looked like they could’ve stepped out of a literal Hallmark movie!

My goal of every engagement session is to pump my couples up and get them comfortable for their wedding day! For Katie and Athan, I think it definitely worked. At the beginning when Katie’s mom (and their adorable pup Remy) were with us, the two were definitely a little camera shy. Katie even had her mom turn around when I had them kiss for a pose which I thought was hilarious. By the end of the session, Katie and Athan were basically pros and killed every pose I put them in.

I also have to mention how great these two were after I literally left them stranded at the first spot. I had put both Katie and Athan’s phones in my bag AND their keys and then drove to the beach. After almost 20 minutes I texted Katie making sure everything was okay. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I left them with no phones to call me and no keys to drive to me! Thankfully the second spot was just a few minute drive away in the park. And we all made it back to the beach with plenty of sunlight left. Lesson learned!

The whole day leading up to this session was gloomy, which is why getting a little surprise glow was so exciting! Right before we were about to leave, the clouds broke and this gorgeous orange sunset poked through giving us some of the prettiest backlight.

It was in that moment I knew the whole key fiasco was worth it! Without it we would’ve been long gone before the sunset came out!

Katie and Athan, thanks for being so awesome and making my job so easy! I can’t wait to get these two back in front of my camera for their wedding next year! Until then, I’m so excited to be sharing some of my favorites from this sweet Shelden Trails engagement!

Shelden Trails Engagement | Katie & Athan

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