Jordan and Nathan’s Downtown Detroit engagement session was the first time I’ve gotten to photograph just the two of them together- alone without their kids and it was so fun! We were so close to rescheduling these because of the forecast and boy am I glad we didn’t!

After going back and forth about what to do, we embraced the rain (that ended up being just a drizzle anyway). And we ended up getting a few of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken! As a photographer, there are moments you just know you made some magic. When Jordan put on that red dress up on the rooftop- that was definitely one of those moments.

I was a little worried about posing with Nathan’s motorcycle since I’ve never done it before. I think there’s a fine line between super cute and super cheesy when posing a couple with a motorcycle. Thanks to Jordan’s Pinterest inspo and some amazing models, the motorcycle shots are some of my favorites in the whole gallery!

It was so much fun exploring downtown with these two. Between the location, the motorcycle, the rain, and everything else, Jordan and Nathan’s Downtown Detroit engagement session was 100% Pinterest worthy!

P.s thank you Nathan for riding your motorcycle all the way home in the rain for these! I can’t wait to capture and celebrate your wedding day next year! I love you both! Cheers!

Downtown Detroit Engagement | Jordan & Nathan

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