Even with the mosquitoes, Tori and Justin’s engagement session was so sweet. It had just rained all day but let up in just enough time for us to sneak in these dreamy engagement pictures at the Shelden Trails! And thank gosh it did because Tori and Justin drove over an hour for their long awaited engagement session.

There’s usually at least one thing I associate with each session. For Tori and Justin’s engagements there were 2 distinct things I’ll always remember: the mosquitoes and their killer twirl pose. By the end of the session poor Justin was covered head to toe in mosquito bites, but was a champ and willing to put it aside for Tori’s dream engagement pictures. And that’s what I call real love!

In all seriousness, these two couldn’t have been more in love. Seeing how playful and happy they were just to be together despite the rain and bugs was a breath of fresh air. I’m so excited to spend their wedding day with them in September capturing so much more of their love!

Also, I just have to mention how excited I am to photograph Tori’s dress! She sent me a picture of it after our session and my jaw just dropped. It is GORGEOUS and I’m so excited to share all of its amazingness after their wedding day! Justin, I just know you’ll be blown away.

Until then, I’ll leave you with some of my favorites from Tori and Justin’s summer engagement session so you can see first hand how cute their twirl pictures turned out.


Engagement Session | Tori + Justin

  1. […] her dress a few months ago my jaw literally dropped. Tori and Justin rocked the twirl pose at their engagement session, so it was only natural I had them do it in her beautiful gown. Let me just say, the twirl in this […]

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