A few weeks ago I shared a pdf of how to take beautiful pictures at home on your phone. I decided to turn it into a blog since so many people liked the download! Here is how you can take beautiful pictures anytime at home.

Of course I’m a firm believer in getting professional photos taken at least once a year (if not more!) Having a formal and professional photo session is all about the experience of getting dressed up, having fun shooting and the excitement of waiting to get your photos back, seeing the sneak peek, getting the gallery and loving yourself in it.

I know every little moment of your kids or your dog or your family or friends can’t be captured by a professional, so having some knowledge on how to take good quality pictures even if its just with your phone is so important!

Here are some of the basics that I use when I want to capture a moment and don’t have my camera on hand:

Find the right light for your pictures at home

Make sure you have plenty of light coming in through a window. If you’re outside find a spot that’s not covered (meaning you can look up and see the sky.) The best lighting situation would be to be outside in a shaded area with nothing over your subject’s head. This is called open shade. You’ll want to avoid harsh sun right on your subject. If you’re inside you’ll also want to avoid shooting into a window (meaning you don’t want the window with all the light behind the subject.)

Find a non distracting Background

As you can see if you follow my Instagram, my go to spot is this light colored wall. Lucky for me, it’s right next to my house. I love it because it’s light and its not distracting. If I’m not home or want to snap a quick picture inside, I look for a place with the least amount of clutter and with the lightest colors. You don’t want a super dark wall or big dark plant in the background if you can avoid it.

Posing Beautiful Pictures at Home

For my pictures at home (which are usually of my 2 year old), candids are usually my go-to. (Mostly because that’s all I can get with her.) BUT, if you’re taking pictures of a more cooperative subject, try having them do something fun with their hands. You can have them put them in their hair or resting on their shoulder. You can also have them spin and look for you because those are always super cute. (And if you’re taking pictures of a dog, let’s be honest- it’s gonna be adorable no matter what!

Quick Edits at Home

I love to edit the pictures I take at home  quickly on my phone. Use the editing feature already built in to your photos app, Instagram or an editing app like LightRoom Mobile! I usually increase the exposure, shadows and a little bit of contrast. Just play around with it until you get something you like! Remember not to go overboard, though! If you’re looking for the light and airy style, be careful not to over expose! This is where the right background comes into play.

Check out some of my favorite iPhone pictures (Yes, they were all taken with my phone!!)

pictures at home
pictures at home
pictures at home
pictures at home
pictures at home
pictures at home

Make sure you check out my other resources at my blog here and contact me here for any questions!

Taking Beautiful iPhone Pictures at home

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