All of my senior clients get a detailed style guide of what to wear for their session and lots of other tips to help everything run smoothly, including what not to do before your session. The information about what to wear though can be useful for lots of events!

I think its so important to feel confident all the time, but especially if you’re going to be getting your picture taken. Keep reading to find out the basics of what to wear for your senior session!

This is your time to shine as a senior!

My senior sessions are between 90 minutes and two hours, so there’s plenty of time for two or even three outfits! I usually advise my seniors to bring 3 outfits:

A Dressy Outfit
This is the time to bring out that fancy, long and elegant dress or your suit and tie. Go all out! You’ll want to have these glamorous pictures to look back on, I promise. Plus, you’ll feel so confident and model-like (which only adds to the amazing experience your seniors pictures are supposed to be!)


A Casual Outfit
This outfit is a favorite for many of my seniors. This is the time to wear your favorite pair of jeans and top or a more casual sun dress. For guys, you can wear jeans and your favorite sweater, polo shirt or t-shirt. I’d recommend avoiding shirts with big logos and intricate designs like pin stripes or something with lots of bold colors.


An Outfit to Showcase Your Senior Year Style
This outfit is the time to show off your style. Do you have a favorite romper or pair of plaid pants that you love? You’ll want to look back to see what was in style when you were a senior and what your unique style was all about.


In the end, this is your session and your time to shine, feel amazing and capture a huge part of your life. Wear what you love and what you feel comfortable in. If you feel confident, not only will you rock your photo session, but you’ll love your pictures that much more.

Some of my favortie inspo outfits can be found here!

What To Wear For Your Senior Photo Session

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