As the 2021 senior season is approaching fast, I thought I’d take this time while things are still mildly calm (at least from a business standpoint) to actually take the time to feature each and every one of my amazing 2020 seniors! If I’m being honest, I kinda dropped the ball on blog posts last year, but now that I have a brand new website and platform to share them on, it is one of my 2020 goals to give each of my seniors, couples and families the spotlight because I am so blessed to get to work with the sweetest people and they deserve it!

If you don’t know, I’ll give you the run down of what to expect in my blogs:
A little bonus sneak peek of each session
A little bit about the senior, family or couple
Some fun things that happened during our session (aka a look into how a photo shoot really goes) 
Just some of the amazing things I was blessed to learn about each of my clients during our time together to really give them the spotlight on my website and for them to share with all their friends and family!

With that, let’s jump into showcasing my 2020 seniors before I share a little bit of my heart and passion behind why being able to take senior pictures means so so much to me and show you the 2020 Senior season highlights! 

Here’s one thing that stood out to be about each of these amazing people:


I was able to do both Mikayla’s portrait session at the beginning of the season and her cheer session near the end, and I loved working with her both times! She is so sweet and bubbly and was the perfect way to start out the season.



Besides getting to explore downtown New Baltimore on a beautiful day, Jenna’s session was so much fun because she was! She was down to get her feet all sandy and wet for what is now one of my favorite pictures of all time. She is just one of the sweetest people I’ve gotten to work with. 

(p.s this is the picture!)


Cynthia is seriously so fun to be around. We took her softball pictures on the field with some of the other LC seniors. Even though we were literally minutes away from being stuck in a storm, she made everyone glad to be there. 


I’ve known Ava and her mom a little bit through LC’s softball team, but actually getting to meet them and spend some time with them was really such a blessing. One of the things I remember most from our session is just how genuine Ava is and how her smile was one of the most real ones so far.



Ellen’s session was so fun because we got to explore Harsen’s Island, but she made it extra special with the most genuine smile you’d ever see in every single shot we took. I swear it was contagious!



Now I won’t lie, typically boys are harder to crack when it comes to pictures, but after just one of my awkward jokes, Ryan was so into it and so much fun to work with. He was so easy to pose and talk to, so I’d call his session a win for everyone involved (including his mom who we all know the pictures were really for)


Now these next three (Jules, James and Jess) was a first for me. It was my first senior session with more than one senior and it was 3x as fun! Jules just about her that makes taking pictures so effortless and beautiful.



Jess is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She seems quiet at first, but after spending some time with her, it was clear that she’s actually the opposite! Plus I may or may not be extremely jealous of her curly hair 


The best part about all 3 triplets was the way they interacted together and how funny they all were. But I’d have to say that James took the cake on this one. He definitely kept us all laughing and on our toes the whole session (in the best way possible of course!)



My favorite part of Taelor’s session would have to be when she chased a flock of birds on a beach for a super cool picture. She was like that the whole time though, willing to do anything and so fun to be around. 



Miranda is like a sister to me (and one day sister-in-law!) It’s no surprise that our session was a blast (minus the part when someone stole my phone.) If I had to pick one thing about Miranda it would definitely be her ability to make pretty much anyone laugh at any time. 



Austin’s session introduced me to a super cool new spot that I didn’t even know existed! The whole time he was thinking of cool ways to pose and which backgrounds to go to.



Kylie and her mom are some of the sweetest people I’ve met. Our whole session was so light hearted and easy going. It just flew by because of how much fun we were having exploring George George Park. 


So Danté had transition glasses that were fast, like extremely fast, when it came to transitioning from clear to dark lenses. Most of our session consisted of hiding the glasses and putting them on for a few seconds to snap some pictures before they changed and we did it all over again. While some people would get annoyed by this, we found it funny and Dantè was such a good sport about it all! 



I think 99% of Allison’s pictures are of her laughing because that’s just the type of person she is. I left that day with my face hurting from smiling so much and that’s an amazing feeling! (So thank you, Allison!)


This session was so cold and windy. Lauren was so upbeat and fun the whole time (like really not even a single complaint- and she looked amazing like how?!)



Well Tessa is my sister, so the last year has really been one ongoing senior session for her, but I could go on forever about the things that make Tessa great, so Tess if you’re reading this- I love you!


Seniors are really the heart of my business. They keep me busy and full of so much joy throughout the summer and fall. This whole journey started when my cousin asked me to take his senior pictures for him and I haven’t looked back since. I don’t know if it’s the excitement of starting senior year, getting to learn all about my seniors, exploring super cool and fun new locations, being able to give a boost of confidence before school starts, or honestly all of the above, but I absolutely love it and I just can’t get enough! 

My senior pictures were so fun and easy going. But then I heard stories from my friends who hated their senior picture experience and it broke my heart. I strive so hard to make your senior pictures an experience you’ll love, not just something you get over just to receive some pictures and certainly not something you didn’t like at all. Your session is an experience that I hope my seniors look back on and love for a long time.

To all my 2020 seniors and parents: thank you! Thank you for trusting me to capture such an important time in your lives and thank you for making me love what I do even more! Now bring on 2021! Seniors, I’m ready for you!


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2020 Seniors Feature | S.M Photography Senior Portrait Season

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